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Wheelchair tray testimonial

Dr Mark Edworthy is a trabasack user of two years now and he has been one of our most enthusiastic supporters. He bought a trabasack in April 2009 at our launch at Naidex, NEC, Birmingham.

Ever since then we have regularly seen him at shows and events around the country as he is often booked as a public speaker. We asked him if he would say a few words about how he uses trabasack for a video. He said he would be delighted and we recorded this last week.

Mark uses trabasack to work on when he travels around the country by train. It supports his laptop and he uses it to carry his work notes and documents. He also uses it during his public speaking events, and as a wheelchair tray for drinks and food at restaurants.

We are very pleased that he still has the one he bought two years ago and, despite daily use, it has proved very hard wearing and durable.

Mark is seen using trabasack in his manual wheelchair but he also uses it in his powerchair. He says it is the most useful accessory he has found as it is a lap tray and wheelchair bag . Click for more information and to purchase a trabasack wheelchair tray.