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Powerchair Tray Testimonial From USA

Powerchair Tray Testimonial from USA

We always very pleased to get testimonials from customers as it spurs us on to keep telling people about trabasack. We got this testimonal in an email form a lady in the USA called Jodi. She found us by searching on Google, and checked all our reviews on the Facebook page, and any other reviews on the web she could find. She was willling to give us a try after so many other products had failed her. Please read her message below:

“I was skeptical because I had tried almost every different type

of tray there  is, they were all more frustrating than useful.I stopped using them all because they were too heavy,

slippery, unstable etc. I could not move my chair when using

any of the other trays because things would fall off or it would

tip over completely. I couldn’t pick them up. They ended up in

my tray graveyard in the basement.


Trabasack Curve works very well as a powerchair tray

Trabasack Curve works very well as a powerchair tray

My Trabasack Curve is great. I’ve had it for about 6 months.

It’s the best tray I’ve ever had. I use it multiple times a day

every day. I can even eat soup on it. This is the first tray in my

life, that allows me to eat soup or other liquidy foods without

contstant fear of the tray tipping and/or getting burned

due my muscle spasms in my legs. I still need to be careful but

I have confidence in my Trabasack Curve.


I can also easily access the controls on my power chair while using

the tray.  You can tell Trabasack Curve was designed by someone who

actually needed to  use it regularly. Thank you for sharing it with

USA. It’s such a blessing !!


Clare the designer of Trabasack was quite overwhelmed by Jodi’s email. We know only too well the experience of hoping that a product will work and consigning to a back room when it turns out to be useless! That is why we are determined to continue to create affordable, useful products that work for as many people as possible and we champion inclusive designs.

Please help us spread the word. 

Duncan And Clare from Trabasack

Duncan And Clare from Trabasack at the Medilink East Midlands Innovation Awards Dinner 2011 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

If you are a trabasack user, please help us spread the word by tweeting or posting a comment about us on facebook or your blog. We are trying to reach people through Amazon but until we have made lots of sales, Amazon will not suggest trabasack to people. It is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation!

If you are an amazon user and have a spare minute it would really help us if you put a review on there,

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Many thanks to everyone who can help.


This post originally appeared on the Trabasack website Powerchair Tray