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Euan’s Guide Wins BT People’s Choice Award!

Congratulations to our friends at Euan’s Guide who have won the BT Innovation Lab People’s Choice Award. To win the award the team had to get as many votes as possible to win the award and votes were cast over Twitter using the hashtag #InfinityLabEuansGuide. We very pleased back Euan’s Guide on Twitter and are thrilled to hear that they won!

Our friend Paul, who you might remember visiting our stand at Naidex, is an ambassador for Euan’s Guide and also a loyal Trabasaxon who didn’t hesitate to show off his Trabasack when heading off to the awards:

What is the BT Infinity Lab People’s Choice Award?

The BT Infinity Lab competition focuses on social innovation and solutions which are designed to tackle issues in society. Eight products entered the finals and of course Euan’s Guide topped the table and became the winners.

The prize, which has been described as money can’t buy, by the BT team is going to be tailor-made for Euan’s Guide and includes six months’ BT support with access to the wealth of expertise within the company, from all areas of business. Membership to TechHub is also included in the prize as well as product placement for Euan’s Guide at London Infinity Lab and other BT shows throughout the year.

Euan’s Guide sent in this video to show off the quality of their product and it’s clear just how valuable it is for the creation of a more inclusive and accessible world:

What is Euan’s Guide?

Euan’s Guide is an online directory which features disabled access reviews from disabled people themselves and their friends and family. It is designed to remove the ‘fear of the unknown’ which often comes from getting out and about when living with disabilities.

In his own words, Euan MacDonald describes the guide’s aim as ‘to empower disabled people by providing information that will give confidence and choices for getting out and about.’

The guide has a wide range of reviews of all the places you might expect such as restaurants, hotels, bars and theatres but it also provide handy information about more mundane locations such as supermarkets, railway stations and post offices – the types of places that everyday access really should be provided!

The guide has recently hit the milestone of having 1000 places listed and there will surely be many more to come as many people are benefitting from the chance to enjoy their cities and surroundings more easily thanks to Euan’s Guide. The Euan’s Guide app is a further innovation which makes it even simpler for disabled people to check their accessible surroundings wherever they may be, with confidence and independence.

Congratulations Euan’s Guide!

The hashtag #infinitylabeuansguide won Euan’s Guide the prize with all their supporters sharing their votes and ensuring them a landslide win. Once the prize was won plenty of people came out to share their support and congratulations (including some you might recognise):

  It was pretty clear after the event how happy the team were and we don’t blame them!

We really look forward to seeing what happens next for Euan’s Guide and hope their impact grows to ensure even more disabled people are able to confidently visit venues knowing what is in store access-wise.

Robotic Wheelchair Tray

Robotic Wheelchair Tray

RoboDesk Wheelchair tray for tablet

RoboDesk in action

New research from Purdue University in Indiana has resulted in the development of a robotic wheelchair tray. This motorised wheelchair tray has been designed to make access to laptop computers and tablet devices easier for wheelchair users. The RoboDesk is made up of a motorised arm which deploys or retracts a tablet or small laptop computer when it’s needed.

When RoboDesk isn’t being used it sits safely out of the user’s way – positioned near the rear wheel and doesn’t add any further bulk to the wheelchair or cause any problems of manoeuvrability. The wheelchair can still function as normal and transferring in and out of the chair isn’t affected as the RoboDesk is kept out of the way. To access it the user can simply press a button and the arm will swing out and position the attached tray in front of the user’s lap. The tilt of the tray can then be manually adjusted for individual preferences and although the new design was developed as a wheelchair tray for tablet it could be used for more general purposes such as eating meals or for writing upon.

The inventor of the RoboDesk is Brad Duerstock who works in the Biomedical Engineering and School of Industrial Engineering at Purdue. His invention came from a desire to increase the employment opportunities of wheelchair users and from his research he discovered only 2% of people working in scientific industries aged 35 or younger lived with a disability and people with disabilities made up just 10.4% of the whole workforce. His research is US-based but the figures in the UK are probably very similar.

This video shows the RoboDesk in action and Duerstock is dedicated to getting the product licensed and manufactured within the next three years so it can be brought to market. His current development stage is focused on making the product more universal so it will work with a range of different wheelchairs.

Trabasack – A Budget Alternative

Trabasack Curve Connect Wheelchair Tray + Media Mount

Great Value Trabasack Wheelchair Tray for iPad

When RoboDesk makes it to market it’s clear it won’t be a budget product and unfortunately this is the case with many gadgets designed for accessibility – they simply aren’t affordable to all. Of course a budget alternative to RoboDesk, potentially whilst you’re waiting for its development and release, is the Trabasack.

Trabasack wheelchair trays are an attractive alternative to traditional wheelchair trays as they are functional and fashionable and easily moved for transfers. The tray is lightweight and provides the perfect surface for wheelchair access to an iPad as well as eating, drinking and writing. The Trabasack also comprises a bag compartment so you have somewhere safe and easily accessible to store your gadgets after use.


Wheelchair Trays and Their Accessories

Wheelchair Trays and Their Accessories

Our Product Range and Handy Extras

When you’ve found the perfect wheelchair tray for your needs, there are additional extras you could consider to enhance its usability even further. Our range of wheelchair trays not only gives you scope for choice when you’re initially choosing which tray suits you best but each has specific accessories which enhance its functionality. Let’s take a look at each one in turn.

Trabasack Curve

The Trabasack Curve Wheelchair Tray

The Original Trabasack Curve

The Curve was our original design. It brings together all the functions of a regular wheelchair tray but also includes a spacey bag compartment. The tray top is both sturdy and secure and allows for easy use when placed upon your lap. The product is extremely light weight and you can place it on your lap with ease and have instant access to whatever you may need. You can keep everything from your laptop to drinks and food atop the Trabasack tray surface and rest assured they’re perfectly safe. The leather look surface is also wipe-clean so you can clean up any spillages in seconds.

The product is designed with wheelchair users in mind with its ergonomic curved design hugging the contours of your body comfortably. Unlike other trays on the market the Curve fits perfectly to any lap and comes with a range of straps to help with security. You can also easily hang it from the back of your chair when not in use.

Trabasack Mini

Trabasack Mini Wheelchair Tray

The Compact and Versatile Mini Trabasack

Our Mini model includes all the top features of the Curve but is extremely compact and super lightweight. For use specifically with smaller multimedia devices such as iPads and other tablets, the Mini is the perfect business wheelchair tray. It weighs a tiny 700g and is perfect if you need a compact wheelchair tray you can easily store away when not in use.

The Mini also features a bag compartment and like the originally designed Curve sits comfortably on your lap without exerting any pressure.

Accessories for your Trabasack Mini

We recommend buying additional side straps to enhance your Mini Trabasack’s functionality. It comes fitted with two long straps for attaching around your waist or hanging from your chairs handles but if you want to secure it to your chair’s armrests, additional straps would be a good idea.

Connect Surface Models

Trabasack Curve Connect Wheelchair Tray + Media Mount

Trabasack Curve Connect + Media Mount

We have also developed both our Mini and Curve models to give you everything you’d expect from our original designs plus one innovative, additional extra. The wheelchair tray surface of the Connect models is coated in our unique Connect material. It’s super soft and designed so you can attach and secure items to your tray top safely. It uses hook and loop technology and is a great option if you travel regularly and need items to be held in place whilst you move over difficult surfaces and navigate public transport.

The Curve Connect can also be personalised with a coloured trim and comes with a range of straps to attach it to your chair. The Mini Connect is equipped with two long straps so as above you may decide additional side straps are a worthwhile purchase.

Accessories for your Trabasack Curve or Mini Connect

Hook Tapes

We recommend purchasing great value Trabasack Hook Tapes with your Curve Connect. These hook tapes are self-adhesive and allow you to use the Velcro receptive surface of your wheelchair tray immediately.

Trabasack Media Mount

This is our newest development and it has been very successful. It is a fully functional mounting device which can support media devices in use with your wheelchair tray. It can hold any device at the right angle for use ad can also be wrapped around specific items to secure them in place.

Please visit our secure and international webstore

Powerchair Tray Testimonial From USA

Powerchair Tray Testimonial from USA

We always very pleased to get testimonials from customers as it spurs us on to keep telling people about trabasack. We got this testimonal in an email form a lady in the USA called Jodi. She found us by searching on Google, and checked all our reviews on the Facebook page, and any other reviews on the web she could find. She was willling to give us a try after so many other products had failed her. Please read her message below:

“I was skeptical because I had tried almost every different type

of tray there  is, they were all more frustrating than useful.I stopped using them all because they were too heavy,

slippery, unstable etc. I could not move my chair when using

any of the other trays because things would fall off or it would

tip over completely. I couldn’t pick them up. They ended up in

my tray graveyard in the basement.


Trabasack Curve works very well as a powerchair tray

Trabasack Curve works very well as a powerchair tray

My Trabasack Curve is great. I’ve had it for about 6 months.

It’s the best tray I’ve ever had. I use it multiple times a day

every day. I can even eat soup on it. This is the first tray in my

life, that allows me to eat soup or other liquidy foods without

contstant fear of the tray tipping and/or getting burned

due my muscle spasms in my legs. I still need to be careful but

I have confidence in my Trabasack Curve.


I can also easily access the controls on my power chair while using

the tray.  You can tell Trabasack Curve was designed by someone who

actually needed to  use it regularly. Thank you for sharing it with

USA. It’s such a blessing !!


Clare the designer of Trabasack was quite overwhelmed by Jodi’s email. We know only too well the experience of hoping that a product will work and consigning to a back room when it turns out to be useless! That is why we are determined to continue to create affordable, useful products that work for as many people as possible and we champion inclusive designs.

Please help us spread the word. 

Duncan And Clare from Trabasack

Duncan And Clare from Trabasack at the Medilink East Midlands Innovation Awards Dinner 2011 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

If you are a trabasack user, please help us spread the word by tweeting or posting a comment about us on facebook or your blog. We are trying to reach people through Amazon but until we have made lots of sales, Amazon will not suggest trabasack to people. It is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation!

If you are an amazon user and have a spare minute it would really help us if you put a review on there,

Trabasack laptop bags, wheelchair trays and buggy trays on Amazon
Many thanks to everyone who can help.


This post originally appeared on the Trabasack website Powerchair Tray