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Wheelchair Trays – what is available?

The Gloves are off: a Wheelchair Lap Tray Comparison

As inventors of a wheelchair lap tray, we only thought it fair to compare our product to others on the market. Now, when Trabasack was first designed our main aim was to create something  unlike the clinical, clunky look of wheelchair trays. We wanted to invent something easier to use and with a wheelchair user in mind. The result was our ergonomic, light-weight, stylish and versatile Trabasack lap tray and bag.

We thought it’d be worthwhile having a tongue-in-cheek look at some of our competitors and why exactly Trabasack is your best wheelchair lap tray choice!

The Competitors

A wooden tray fixed to red manual wheelchair

1. The Wooden Laptray – available for around £99.00 and well as the photo shows, not the most comfortable looking product. Secured to your wheelchair with hook and loop straps, this product is reminiscent of a school desk and although functional, has a bit of a retro sideboard feel!

A white plastic clinical looking tray for food and drink

2. Moulded Laptray – available for around £49.99 and is made from moulded plastic and features and moulded cup holder. Designed to look like a child’s high chair tray and from the photo looks extremely clinical and not ideal in a social situation. It could feel like a social barrier or be a little too reminiscent of hospitals. Not really the image one wants to portray!





Laptray which is a half tray and swings out like an airplane tray

3. Flip Away Half  Tray – available for around £99.99 and also made from moulded plastic featuring a cup holder and can be easily flipped away. This design is clearly a step up from the others, it does have a bit of an “I’m just about to have an in flight meal” look. Although it doesn’t trap you behind a piece of plastic quite as much s the one above and it can be moved away when transferring from your chair. Difficulties come in attaching it to an armrest, all chairs and people are so different, you will be lucky if this suits you. The hard edges of the tray surface and the corner may also catch door frames and maybe even other peoples groins!


So how does Trabasack compare?

The Trabasack is portable, light weight and functional and has even won a style award! You can strap it around your waist or hang it from the back of your chair when not in use and it doesn’t restrict movement at all. In comparison to

the older tray designs, you can clearly see how much more functional the Trabasack design is. You never have to worry about transfer issues or having to screw the tray to your chair, your Trabasack lap tray is extremely easy to move and much more comfortable due to its beanbag cushion for comfort.

The Trabasack is also a handy bag so instead of becoming another thing that you have to carry around, you can actually carry things inside it

I hope you also agree that our Trabasack products at between £35 and £45 are much better value for money!

There really is no other wheelchair tray in comparison!

Trabasack = (latin) table + bag The award winning Trabasack is a travel bag with a firm flat tray surface on one side and a removable bean bag cushion on the other. Easy to carry and to place on your lap when you need it. Use it as a lap desk for working, eating or playing wherever you are.The lightweight bag has enough space for daily essentials and the lap tray side acts as a table top. All Trabasacks are 7.5cm deep and weigh between 570g for a Mini Trabasack to680g for a Curve Trabasack.Use as a computer lap desk that travels with you as a bag. 1 year guarantee, no quibble return policy on all orders. We ship worldwide. Your life – on the moveEat work play travel Trabasack is no ordinary laptray, it’s a smart contemporary alternative to the old style bean bag lap tray!Sporty red trim as pictured.
Brand: TrabasackFeature: Soft tray surface – attach things with velcro or hook tapeFeature: Lightweight and easy to carry or attach with supplied strapsFeature: Bean bag base – levels on your lapFeature: Ring pull zips and grab handles – award winning design for easy useFeature: Smart and attractive product

title Trabasack Curve Connect – Lap Tray Bag WHEELCHAIR TRAY ROLYAN ECONOMY MOULDED Able2 Lap Tray – hook & loop straps fasten to wheelchair) Wheelchair Tray Wheelchair Tray Rolyan Flip Away Halftray Left Translucent Wheelchair Lap Tray Plastic 42 L x 19 cm W
Length 15.35 inch
Width 2.95 inch
Weight 2.2 pound 6.17 pound
price 35.95 48.61 116.64 38.40 152.50 13.39
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Brand Trabasack Ecuva Elite Healthcare Patterson Medical Wheelchairs
Title Trabasack Curve Connect – Lap Tray Bag WHEELCHAIR TRAY ROLYAN ECONOMY MOULDED Able2 Lap Tray – hook & loop straps fasten to wheelchair) Wheelchair Tray Wheelchair Tray Rolyan Flip Away Halftray Left Translucent Wheelchair Lap Tray Plastic 42 L x 19 cm W
Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
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Trabasack Curve Review

Trabasack Review by blogger LatentExistence

After using trabasack for his film about problems with pavements and powerchairs, blogger Steven Sumpter was kind enough to do a full review of Trabasack Curve, using it as a general powerchair tray, a netbook bag and as a bed tray.

The review can be seen on Steven’s blog here Trabasack Product Review, but I have also copied it below.

Activist Blogger Steven Sumpter with Trabasack Powerchair tray

Steven Sumpter with a Trabasack as seen in 'A Short Film about Pavements'



If you watched my film “A short film about pavements” then you will have seen the tray that was on my lap during filming. That tray is called a Trabasack, and it is actually a lap-desk and a bag in one. I have been using an Original Trabasack Curve for a couple of weeks. It consists of a leather feel tray, with a cushioned rim running around it. On the other side there is a bean bag which allows it to sit comfortably on your lap. A zip allows access to the section between the two so that it can be used as a bag.

Since it has two functions, I will address them one at a time. First of all, as a bag. The zip goes nearly all the way around the Trabasack, allowing it to open all the way up if you like. There is one main compartment inside. There is a pocket with a zip on one side, but that contains the bean bag and is not usable for other storage.

Trabasack front showing zip

Trabasack Curve has two easy to use ring pull zips.

The actual compartment is smaller than I would like but probably as large as is practical. I was able to store a 10″ netbook computer inside, and had enough space for a few other bits and pieces. Since I am in the habit of carrying all sorts of gadgetry as well as pills and inhalers, my normal choice of bag – a messenger bag – has lots of pockets to keep everything tidy. Unfortunately the Trabasack doesn’t have that. A nice future improvement might be an elastic strap and / or a mesh pocket to keep my netbook charger cable tidy and secure my pills to the sides. Those complaints aside, the bag is perfectly adequate to carry what I need when out, such as wallet, medicines, phone, keys, and netbook.

For carrying, there are several choices. The bag has two handles and can easily carried by hand. It also comes with two long straps and two short straps, and six loops to allow the straps to be attached in various places. Using these straps it can be configured with a shoulder strap or worn as a rucksack. It can also be easily secured when using it in a wheelchair. The two short straps can be looped around the arms or frame of the chair and attached to the side rings of the bag, or a long strap can go all the way around the waist. Either way, it is very secure when used in this way, as demonstrated in my film.

A netbook on a TrabasackA Trabasack in use holding a netbook

So what is it like as a tray? I would say pretty good. I have been using it indoors to hold my netbook (which otherwise can toast a lap inside 30 seconds) and it does a good job. The beanbag helps it mould to the shape of my lap and sit securely. I have used it both in bed and while sitting on the sofa. It’s also good for a mug of coffee or a plate. I had previously used a wooden tray for this but I always had problems with the sides of the tray digging into my arm because I don’t always have the strength to lift my arm up over the edge when picking up my mug. With the Trabasack this isn’t a problem since it doesn’t have a raised edge on the side facing the person using it. The only reservation I have in using the tray for hot drinks is that I don’t want to spill anything on it.

I actually used the Trabasack as a platform to rest my camera on while filming from my powerchair. It provided a steady surface and the raised edge helped prevent the camera from slipping off during the bumpy bits.

The Trabasack is also available as a smaller Trabasack Mini, and interestingly, both are available in the “Connect” version which has a soft velcro surface to which your possessions can be fixed by sticking velcro hook-tape to them. I didn’t go for this as I don’t really like the idea of sticking anything to my gadgets, but the option will definitely be useful to many.

Overall the Trabasack is pretty good. It’s even more handy if you are a powerchair user, and like me you end up carrying your bag on your lap. (Why don’t powerchairs have bag holders under the seat???) I initially thought that £40 was quite a steep price for it, but given that it serves two functions, and that my messenger bag cost thirty quid on it’s own, that’s actually not bad. If you need further convincing, an extra use that I have discovered for the Trabasack is that it can be used as a handy pillow if I need to take an unscheduled rest while out and only have a floor or a bench!

The Trabasack can be found on their website, at a cost of £39.95. ”


We are very grateful to Steven for his honest and thoughtful review. Other reviews of trabasack can be found here.

Powerchairs and problems with pavements

Powerchairs and problems with pavements

Today I read a very interesting post from the Tentacles of Doom blog. It was about the frustrations of using a powerchair for the first time by twitter user Latent Existence. Many people who use chairs have a real problems with pavements and kerbs, lack of dropped kerbs, slopes and adverse cambers on pavements and paths.

Here is an extract that describes many of the problems of using a powerchair in a town:

“Getting to a junction and finding no dropped kerbs and therefore no way to leave the pavement and cross is frustrating.

Having to backtrack to the last dropped kerb is also frustrating.

Having no matching dropped kerb on the other side and having to take the chair along the road is dangerous.

Latent Existence in a powerchair.

Curved dropped kerbs that go round the corner are a pain. Wheelchairs are supposed to take the kerb at 90 degrees to avoid toppling. Having to turn 45 degrees to do that is irritating, AND the pavement is at odd angles that push the chair to one side.

A dropped kerb that crosses the pavement all the way to someone’s driveway makes the chair go down then up again. Having these repeatedly all the way along the street makes the chair go up and down continuously. They can also make the chair swerve into the road unless paying perfect attention and deploying light-speed reflexes.

A dropped kerb is supposed to be dropped. That means going down to road level. Not two or three inches above it. When a chair goes over that, it lurches wildly back and forth.

When a too-high kerb is combined with a round-the-corner curved dropped kerb that simultaneously goes up a hill on one road and down a hill on the other road, the combined angles plus speed necessary to climb the kerb mean that the chair will topple.

Flailing wildly when going over will wrench muscles, twist the back, neck and shoulders, and cause extreme pain and swearing.

Finding no way to get from pavement to road to pavement so that you can cross is bloody annoying. Did I already do that one? Well I’m doing it again because it’s BLOODY ANNOYING.

Tree roots growing under the path and tearing it up can lift one side of a chair, causing it to tip disturbingly to one side.

Cars parked on the pavement deserve to be scratched as I go past.

Pavements full of pot holes, cracks, patches and worn away surface are not just a minor irritant, they make the journey a hell full of dragging, rattling, lurching, bumping and worse.

A path is supposed to be wide enough to use. Six inches of goat trail with smashed up tarmac surrounded by tall grass and weeds right at the edges on both sides is not acceptable. Grass to within six inches of the road edge is definitely not acceptable.

Paths so old that their height varies by several inches NEED FIXING. You can’t leave that.

I got stuck on patches of broken pavement so bad that one wheel went in a hole. Not once, but twice. I couldn’t avoid the hole because the grass verge had covered the pavement.

I had to negotiate places where the broken, narrow path went through potholes, gravel and old stones at the edge, merged with driveways, with grass covering it at 45 degree angles. I lurched wildly.”

These are all problems that I have encountered with my wife who uses a powerchair. Other countries are often worse but the UK still has a long way to go. The full blog post can be read here


Powerchairs that do not have problems with pavements


We have a friend, Chris, who imports powerchairs that have 4 wheel drive and can go over the roughest terrain. Watch this video for more


Powerchairs like that do not have problems with pavements, click for more info on Chris’s All terrain wheelchairs and Four X powerchairs They have independent controls on all four wheels (four wheel drive) and are extremely tough and resistant to any difficult going.  They have  a unique suspension and shock absorbing abilities and a centre of gravity adjustment system. There are able to tilt in space and can even go downstairs! This is the sort of chair that ‘Latent’ would be happier in I think.

Trabasack a powerchair tray on difficult terrain

Trabasack can be used a wheelchair or powerchair tray, it has straps so that you can keep it on when on bumpy or uneven terrain. You can use a waist strap to go right around your body or the chair to hold it on. Or you can use our ‘side straps’ to attach to the armrests or anywhere at the side of a wheelchair or powerchair frame. They is a lot of flexibility with these four straps to give lots of options.

Also the beans in the beanbag give a slight cushioning and suspension when going over bumps so that it is more stable than ordinary trays. I have sent a trabasack to Mr Existence and his review will be featured on this blog soon!


UPDATE after posting I received this tweet

@ Good stuff. You're going to like what I've been working up. It involves video, a powerchair, rough terrain and a trabasack!
Tentacle Sixteen

I am now very excited!

Mobility Roadshow Welcomes Trabasack!

Trabasack Wheelchair Tray at the Mobility Roadshow

The Mobility Roadshow is the premier UK event for people to view adapted and wheelchair accessible vehicles and to look at and test drive try any new cars that they might consider buying. Trabasack will be proudly showing their award winning designs in the newly featured the Mobility Market Place (Stand MM7) at the Roadshow. It will also feature in a new exhibition space of inclusive designs curated by Such and Such Designs Ltd and EnabledbyDesign showing it’s versatility as a wheelchair tray, buggy tray, communication aid mount, laptop bag and a truly inclusive design.

Trabasack wheelchair and Powerchair tray and much more

The ‘Trabasack’ is a  new product designed by Clare Edwards a wheelchair user who was frustrated by the lack of stylish and light weight wheelchair tray tables. The name was invented by adding the latin words for ‘bag and table ‘ together. After two years in development it is now a mass market product that is truly inclusive in its reach appealing to people of all ages and abilities. It has many ergonomic features that make it suitable for every to use.
One of its main uses is for people who uses wheelchair and powerchair trays who prefer it to existing solutions because of its lightweight stylish contemporary appeal. This is not surprising as the designer of Trabasack was Clare Edwards, who became a wheelchair user herself after having a spinal injury, and is a champion of inclusive and stylish designs for people with disabilities.

Clare created trabasack after many years of being frustrated at not being able to find a level surface for drinks and food. The original prototypes of trabasack were made by her sewing machine and trialled by friends and family and local professionals in health and education.

Clare Edwards designer of the Trabasack tray with Cerrie Burnell

Clare Edwards designer of the Trabasack tray with Cerrie Burnell

Now Trabasack is also being used as a general laptop and iPad bag. For students and You-tube fans it is becoming a must have item after being seen in videos starring internet memes Brett Domino and Charlieissocoollike.

You Tube star Charlie MacDonald in a Trabasack Tshirt

You Tube star Charlie MacDonald in a Trabasack Tshirt

Other uses include for musicians, commuters, crafts, sketching and for children and adults in cars. It is also used by people with communication devices to carry and support their assistive technology and by gamers with disabilities using adapted controllers for accessible gaming.
Its unique design and many ergonomic features were recognised by a panel of industry specialists and Occupational Therapists when Trabasack won an Independent Living Design Award from the British Healthcare Trades Association in December 2009.  Since then the design and the company behind it, Equip-able Ltd. have won several other awards. Husband and wife team, Duncan and Clare Edwards will both be at the show and are very active on social media for those who would like to find out more about Trabasack.

Trabasack is sold internationally.

After trading from a base in Quorn, Leicestershire for two years since launch, Trabasack has built up a network of international distributors. It is currently being sold in USA,  Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand and France. The Trabasack team are just back from Ireland where Trabasack was recently launched. Whilst there they met Cerrie Burnell, and were interviewed for Irish National Radio RT1, featuring on the Mooney show.

Creator Clare Edwards is interviewed for the RTE1 Mooney Show.

Producer Olan McGowan uses a trabasack wheelchair lap tray whilst interviewing Clare Edwards

For people with disabilities Trabasack is versatile and works very well with powered wheelchairs, armchairs & beds, in the kitchen, garden as well as in cars and other vehicles.
Being light weight and having a range of strap options it works very well with custom made lightweight manual wheelchairs, children’s buggies as well as in comfort & special seating. Certainly the producer for the Mooney show, Olan McGowan took an instant liking to a red Trabasack Curve and found it very useful whilst interviewing Design Director Clare Edwards for the popular Irish national Mooney Radio show. He used it around the show and said that it worked so much better that the usual laptop case that he carried on his lap.


Trabasack is used by Scientists and Innovators


It has also been used by pilots in flying lessons and has an aviation link by being a favoured piece of equipment by acclaimed public speaker and entrepreneur Mark Edworthy who can be seen in the following video.
Dr. Mark Edworthy, Research Scientist uses Trabasack as a laptop bag and wheelchair tray.


Design Zone at the Mobility Roadshow

The Trabasack team are looking forward to repeatinng their success at the recent Access and Mobility Expo in Dublin where trabasacks proved extremely popular to visitors. At this years Mobility Roadshow as well as having there own stand in the Mobility Marketpace they will be highlighted as part of the new Design Zone. This new has been created by the Mobility Roadshow – in partnership with Enabled by Design and Such and Such Design to introduce a new interactive feature highlighting the best of inclusive design.  Trabasack will be displayed among the leading designers and innovators to show Roadshow visitors and encourage them to exchange ideas about looks and functionality of products used to help people live independently.

Design Surgery: talk to the experts.

The Trabasack team will be available to speak to visitors at the show about any ideas they have for new products and tel them about their journey from an idea to a commercial and helpful product. There will also be professional designers available to give advice about new ideas and the potential of creating something either yourself or through another business. Practical issues of the costs and processes involved when bringing a new product to the marketplace can all be explored.
The Mobility Roadshow is the UK’s premier consumer mobility and lifestyle event. It takes place this year at the East of England Showground, Peterborough on 30th June, 1st and 2nd July.
As well as the Design Zone and many wheelchair and mobility accessories, there are vehicles to test drive, conversions, adaptations, motoring accessories, wheelchairs and scooters, all-ability cycling, specialist holidays and lifestyle options.  The sports zone is expanding this year, too with the biggest selection of accessible sports and games to try out.

The Trabasack team are looking forward to repeating to meeting as many people as possible during the show. Do come and meet Duncan and Clare Edwards from Trabasack at MM7 in the Mobility Marketplace or visit them at their featured exhibit in the new Design Zone.

Powerchair Tray Testimonial From USA

Powerchair Tray Testimonial from USA

We always very pleased to get testimonials from customers as it spurs us on to keep telling people about trabasack. We got this testimonal in an email form a lady in the USA called Jodi. She found us by searching on Google, and checked all our reviews on the Facebook page, and any other reviews on the web she could find. She was willling to give us a try after so many other products had failed her. Please read her message below:

“I was skeptical because I had tried almost every different type

of tray there  is, they were all more frustrating than useful.I stopped using them all because they were too heavy,

slippery, unstable etc. I could not move my chair when using

any of the other trays because things would fall off or it would

tip over completely. I couldn’t pick them up. They ended up in

my tray graveyard in the basement.


Trabasack Curve works very well as a powerchair tray

Trabasack Curve works very well as a powerchair tray

My Trabasack Curve is great. I’ve had it for about 6 months.

It’s the best tray I’ve ever had. I use it multiple times a day

every day. I can even eat soup on it. This is the first tray in my

life, that allows me to eat soup or other liquidy foods without

contstant fear of the tray tipping and/or getting burned

due my muscle spasms in my legs. I still need to be careful but

I have confidence in my Trabasack Curve.


I can also easily access the controls on my power chair while using

the tray.  You can tell Trabasack Curve was designed by someone who

actually needed to  use it regularly. Thank you for sharing it with

USA. It’s such a blessing !!


Clare the designer of Trabasack was quite overwhelmed by Jodi’s email. We know only too well the experience of hoping that a product will work and consigning to a back room when it turns out to be useless! That is why we are determined to continue to create affordable, useful products that work for as many people as possible and we champion inclusive designs.

Please help us spread the word. 

Duncan And Clare from Trabasack

Duncan And Clare from Trabasack at the Medilink East Midlands Innovation Awards Dinner 2011 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

If you are a trabasack user, please help us spread the word by tweeting or posting a comment about us on facebook or your blog. We are trying to reach people through Amazon but until we have made lots of sales, Amazon will not suggest trabasack to people. It is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation!

If you are an amazon user and have a spare minute it would really help us if you put a review on there,

Trabasack laptop bags, wheelchair trays and buggy trays on Amazon
Many thanks to everyone who can help.


This post originally appeared on the Trabasack website Powerchair Tray



Wheelchair tray testimonial

Dr Mark Edworthy is a trabasack user of two years now and he has been one of our most enthusiastic supporters. He bought a trabasack in April 2009 at our launch at Naidex, NEC, Birmingham.

Ever since then we have regularly seen him at shows and events around the country as he is often booked as a public speaker. We asked him if he would say a few words about how he uses trabasack for a video. He said he would be delighted and we recorded this last week.

Mark uses trabasack to work on when he travels around the country by train. It supports his laptop and he uses it to carry his work notes and documents. He also uses it during his public speaking events, and as a wheelchair tray for drinks and food at restaurants.

We are very pleased that he still has the one he bought two years ago and, despite daily use, it has proved very hard wearing and durable.

Mark is seen using trabasack in his manual wheelchair but he also uses it in his powerchair. He says it is the most useful accessory he has found as it is a lap tray and wheelchair bag . Click for more information and to purchase a trabasack wheelchair tray.

Trabasack Wheelchair Tray at Naidex 2011

Trabasack wheelchair tray at Naidex 2011


Here is a picture of our stand at Naidex this year. Just after being told we had come second in the Naidex Style Award.

We had a great show again this year. Although we appreciate that Trabasack can be used by anyone, we are very pleased that one of its best uses is as a wheelchair tray. We have exhibited each year at Naidex since our launch there in 2009, and every year we have sold over 100 trabasacks to wheelchair users or children in buggies (for use as a buggy tray).


Each year we meet many customers who have bought one the previous year and give us terrific feedback about how trabasack has helped them with eating, drinking, or using communication aids and laptops.

This year we met up with Dr Mark Edworthy who often gives talks at Naidex about his inspirational accessible housing renovations or his adventures flying a Tiger Moth. We were pleased to see him again this year. Mark’s wife bought him a Trabasack at our first show two years ago and he is a big fan and still uses it every day. Here is Mark giving a talk at Naidex 2010.

Dr Mark Edworthy using Trabasack as a wheelchair tray

Dr Mark Edworthy using Trabasack as a wheelchair tray


Mark gave us a lot of encouragement when we first started and we are grateful to him for his enthusiasm.

Here are his comments ”

“I bought one, and within half-an-hour was using it to support my laptop at the seminar I gave at Naidex (Inspirational Housing Design).

Since then I have used it regularly, and sent feedback to Clare. Whenever I use it I often get people asking about it so the product is certainly attracting attention – because it’s fantastic.

I have the smaller Trabasack which suits me, although if you produce a slightly larger version, that would be useful. I like to travel light if I go to a meeting by train, and I can get all my notes and bits and bobs in the trabasack. Similarly, I now use it wherever I have a speaking engagement.

I think the best way to sell the product is to get it into peoples hands. I wouldn’t have bought from a website, but after handling the smaller trabasack at Naidex, I had to buy one. – Well, to be honest, my wife bought it for me as a late birthday present ! – but you get the idea.

Keep up the good work!”


We had some more recent feedback from Mark Mayer known as Markinsutton on twitter!

been looking for a new bag for my wheelchair for a while now. I have fairly large bag that hooks over the back of my chair which is nice if I have someone with me who can reach to the bottom of it and if I have to do loads of shopping but isn’t that practical for everyday use. Plus having to twist round to reach anything out the back of my chair hurts my back.

I decided I was going to take a look at what I could find at Naidex in London last year. What a disaster day that ended up becoming. I got held up at Victoria couldn’t get to next station needless to say I never made it to Naidex, I was gutted. Lucky for me Duncan Edwards the founder of Trabasack contacted me on Twitter. I am normally one who likes to look at things before I buy them to see whether or not they will work.. so I was a little nervous to buy a Trabasack without looking.

I was going to wait until Naidex Birmingham this year before buying a one but after a chat with Duncan on Twitter he suggested I buy a Mini Connect Trabasack as this would suit me the best. I wanted to use it to put my PDA/laptop in as well as somewhere to keep my keys and general tech I carry around to help me communicate. I also wanted something I could rest things down on my lap without them falling off onto the floor so Duncan suggested the connect surface would be ideal for me.

Mark using Trabasack

Mark using Trabasack

I ordered my Trabasack late on a Sunday night and it arrived in speedy delivery Tuesday morning. I was delighted as I wasn’t expecting it to arrived so quickly. Its in my nature when ever I get anything practical I buy new to find out what the limitations are of what I have brought. I do this with everything from Laptops, phones to bags and clothes.

I quickly got it out and put the Trabasack on my lap. First thing I noticed was how comfortable it felt. Normally with tables I had on my lap I used before I felt that they rock or don’t feel stable on my lap but the Trabasack didn’t have these problems. It was light yet stable on my lap. I was really starting to think wow, this is a good buy. This gave me an idea I could also use it in bed so racing into the bedroom I sat up in the bed put the Trabasack on my lap and open

up my laptop, Cool I thought! What also surprised me is normally when I lean over to get something from my side table my laptop takes a dive for the floor. This didn’t happen thanks to the design of Trabasack the surrounding edges stop things falling off even without the use Velcro surface.

After trying out a number of possible uses for the Trabasack and being able to put everything I want inside including my Laptop that fits perfectly I used it when I went shopping this week. Being able to keep everything in it rather than my coat or trouser pockets made it so much easier. For those who have ever had to use a wheelchair getting anything out your trouser pockets is not easy, especially door keys. I was delighted just how much I now used my Trabasack, the only regret I have is I didn’t buy one sooner. Not having to twist around in my chair to get things out my bag which is hooked on the back of my chair makes my life so much easier and pain free from having to keep twisting around all the time.

Trabasack is a great design and product for anyone. Even if you are not a wheelchair user its versatile to use and looks pretty cool too. I use mine everywhere from sat up in bed typing on my laptop  to eating my dinner on the sofa watching TV in the evening. I worried this sounds like a plug for Trabasack and no Duncan is not paying me to write this I just think it’s a wonderful product and one I would recommend to anyone.”

This originally appeared on Markinsutton’s Blog