Trabasack – The Innovative Wheelchair Tray

Trabasack – The Innovative Wheelchair Tray

The Wheelchair Tray that offers MORE

Trabasack Product Range

Trabasack Products in Action

Trabasack is an exciting and innovative company established in 2007 that offers a unique and original product range, combining all the functionality of a wheelchair tray with the additional extra of a convenient bag space. A family run business, the company pride themselves in offering products that are not only perfectly designed but also look stylish and attractive, unlike some of the other wheelchair trays on the market.

A step up from your standard wooden or plastic tray tops, the Trabasack wheelchair tray combines a soft bean bag cushion with a sturdy lap tray surface with a spacious bag compartment in between. The cushion is fantastic addition which allows for complete comfort when the tray is in use and as the products are so lightweight, next to no pressure is exerted on your lap. The Trabasack product range is the creation of a wheelchair user, which means that your specific needs and requirements were kept in mind at every stage of the design process and the product has been designed with you in mind. The results are plain to see, as the product range available has become extremely popular and caters for a range of different users and purposes.

Making the World Fully Accessible

The Trabasack product range is designed with accessibility and functionality in mind. It allows for easier access to many social engagements, from meeting a friend for coffee but having difficulty finding a table to accommodate you, to a comfortable and secure surface where you can store notepads, books or anything else whilst in use. Your Trabasack wheelchair tray is your own private table, meaning that coffee with friends can be achieved whether you can grab an accessible table or not and you have always got a safe and secure surface to hold anything you may need whilst out and about or even in the home.

The Trabasack product range is an innovation for commuters, who may have previously struggled whilst on the go. Your Trabasack wheelchair tray allows a sturdy surface for working on the move without having to balance a hot laptop and various files on your lap.

The most important philosophy behind our products is that they’re designed to fit the person not the chair and therefore, our whole range is universal and can be used for many different purposes. Previous customers have used them for artistic excursions, as a food tray and much more.

The Trabasack Range

The Trabasack Curve

The Original Trabasack Curve

Our product range has been built to last, which means it is showerproof, constructed from hardy materials and can even be machine washed at 30 degrees. You can use your Trabasack in any environment and there is the option to either secure it around your waist (Click for video) or securely to your chair itself with additional side straps. (Click for video)

Our current product range is made up of the Trabasack Curve and the Trabasack Mini, both of which can be customised with our unique Connect surface to create a whole product range of four main wheelchair trays. The Curve is our original, award-winning design, created ergonomically to sit snugly against the curves of your body allowing for complete comfort and no hard edges. Our second product, the Trabasck Mini has been designed with space saving and compactness in mind. Ideal for use with tablet and notebook computers, the Mini resembles a smart briefcase.

Trabasack Mini

The Compact and Versatile Mini

As mentioned, you can add further functionality to your product by selecting one of the Connect models. Our unique soft tray surface, known as Connect, is designed to allow for items to be securely stuck down to the tray surface using hook and loop (Velcro) technology. Utilising the Trabasack Hook Tape available you can secure any item you like to your Trabasack tray surface, which makes travelling an absolute breeze. One customer had this to say about their Trabasack Connect:

“…it’s a match made in heaven for an iPad among other things. Not only does it serve as a very protective carrying case, but also a lap tray. I purchased one with a “connect” tray surface which is the equivalent of a soft Velcro surface. On the back of the iPad skin I attached a square of hook style Velcro so the iPad will not move from my lap even when fully tilted”.

Using your Trabasack as a Wheelchair Tray

This fantastic video from one of our first customers, Dr Mark Edworthy, shows exactly how useful the Trabasack is as a wheelchair tray:

Customer Feedback

We love our product but it’s more important to know what our customers’ think and here’s an example of some of their great feedback:

D says: “I’m a big fan of Trabasack! It’s well thought out and versatile – use it when out and about or even at home when sat on sofa”

S says: “If you’re looking for a new tray table for your wheelchair, lap table for eating meals or playing cards, or a new way to keep the heat from the laptop off your legs; I would highly recommend Trabasack.”

P says: “My Trabasack Curve is great. I’ve had it for about 6 months. It’s lightweight, comfortable, stable, easy to pick up and/or unzip. It easily wipes clean, surface is firm not slippery, raised ridge keeps items/spills contained. It’s the best tray I’ve ever had.”

Trabasack Users

Trabasaxons utilising their Trabasacks in many ways

To buy a trabasack visit our webshop here: Trabasack wheelchair tray

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